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Harbin jinfeng Tools is an important manufacturer of tools for Key manufacturing enterprises. Founded in 2000 in Harbin city, it has an annual production volume worth more than 10 million yuan.

The company employs 98 people, including 10 engineers, 33 technicians, 45 machine operators and 5 full-time inspectors. The company’s strong technical force is able to independently develop unique tools to customer specifications. Product quality has reached an advanced level.

Production equipment include 48 advanced lathes, such as milling machines, lathe spades, shovel tooth grinders, tool grinders, hob blade grinders, inner hole grinders, cylindrical grinders, and 5 sets of optical inspection tools ensure quality.

The main products of Harbin Jinfeng Tools are:

  • -Gear cutting tools
  • -Broaching tools
  • -Hole cutting tools
  • -Thread cutting tools
  • -Saw cutting tools
  • -Turning tools

Totally six kinds of metal cutting tools, more than 30 types of tools with nearly ten thousand options. In general, products are made to international standards, but the company can also produce none-standard cutting tools according to customer demands.

The company’s products sell well in many industries, such as:

  • -Motorcycle gear factory in Shandong Province
  • -Vic Automobile Factory, Nanjing
  • -Dongan Engine Factory, Harbin
  • -China automobile gear factory, Harbin

The company produces tools for many well-known enterprises, establishing multi-year partnerships on the basis of: ”customer first, reputation highest.”

General manager Ms Guo Nuomin warmly invites all customers to bring their most challenging problems. We provide brilliant solutions and look forward to satisfying all your demands.

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